Welcome to SwishHost

We’re SwishHost. We power major websites and their subsequent services. 

We started in 2019 when we were part of SwishFlix. In 2020, we split into a separate business hosting not just the Swish A group of websites but also other business websites. 

From our data centres across the world, we can provide you direct access to new, emerging and existing markets. 

Here at SwishHost we set ourselves apart from our competition. Here’s some of the ways we’re different:

  • Personal Customer Support Advisor (with their mobile number for 24/7 support)
  • 24/7 Knowledgeable Support Team available by email, phone, text and social media
  • We’re continuously working to lower our prices for our customers

Here are just some of the reasons we’re so popular. Our dedicated business and private teams will help anyone who is just starting out, wants to transfer or needs some help!